CertiflexDimension Ultra Payroll


CertiflexDimension Ultra Payroll is a complete payroll management and payment system designed to operate as a stand-alone (non-integrated) or fully integrated business application. Payroll is widely used by business and by the professional accountant providing payroll services to clients. When integrated with our many business application, payroll will update Job Cost, make ledger entries, generate Quarterly State Forms, and print on plain check stock. Bank Reconciliation also retrieves check data from payroll for reconciliation with bank statements. Because our payroll system uses simple, yet comprehensive tables structure, it will easily
support the basic or most complex employee payment needs.

The advanced table structure allows the user to customize the software for virtually any earnings, deductions, and withholding requirement. Tables can be set for selective employee use, universal use, or interconnection with other tables. Payroll comes with a standard set of tables for state tax withholding, federal withholding, FICA, and Medicare so you can begin using the system immediately. Additional tables can be setup and implemented as required by the user.

CertiflexDimension Ultra Payroll offers the best solution for all your Payroll needs. From the very basic necessities of fast, efficient time entry and check printing to the most advanced management tools available on the market.

Detailed brochure of features

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