Data Integration

Information exchange is essential. Whether you are moving from another accounting system or wanting to integrate your data with other apps, CertiflexDimension can handle your needs with a flexible & intelligent import/export feature.

Data Security

CertiflexDimension provides controlled access rights by user, specific applications, companies, tasks & company/task combinations, providing business-critical data protection.

Customization Services

Our customization services save you time, money and resources by directly making changes to the actual software code to fit your precise needs.  We've been providing custom software services to Certiflex and CertiflexDimension products since 1992.

30 Years Experience

Our accounting software is backed by over 30 years of experience in innovative accounting software design & award-winning service.  Our software is consistently ranked as a top performer by industry publications and surveys.

Reporting & Analysis

With over 400 standard reporting & analysis features, CertiflexDimension meets the needs of demanding customers. The comprehensive scope & flexibility of our Financial Formatting System is virtually unparalleled in the industry.

Enterprise-Level Scalability

CertiflexDimension processes, organizes, updates and reports an enormous volume of accounting data with incomparable speed by utilizing the Pervasive.SQL scalable database. CertiflexDimension provides the flexible scalability your growing business needs.

What users say about CertiflexDimension

“We switched over from a “high end” back-office system several years ago and our annual IT cost savings are amazing.  Our annual software maintenance cost is a fraction of what it was and we no longer need a part time in-house database admin.  They even have direct customization services which we have used to make a couple of our processes more cost effective for us to run.”

“I’ve only been running CertiflexDimension for a little over a year now but I have used four other accounting systems in the past.  It seems to have just the right blend of accounting rules that keeps me happy as a controller but at the same time it is flexible enough to allow my accounting department to get their jobs done in a fast and efficient manner.”

“We have been using Certiflex accounting software for over 25 years.   It has been a very important part of being able to grow our business.  Love their support which has always been prompt and helpful.  Support has been instrumental in getting some of our suggestions added to the Certiflex software over the years.  It is really nice to deal with such a great group of real people.”

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