When was your last data clean-up?

When was your last data clean-up? Optimize your speed and efficiency with our CertiflexDimension Spring Cleaning service. It’s a common fact of business: the more successful you are, the more time you devote to your customers and the less time you have for your own business needs. This kind of success can lead to skipping

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What’s New on Form 1099-NEC for the 2021 tax year?

What’s New for 1099’s Due to the introduction of the 1099-NEC form for 2020, you will now be required to set your CertiflexDimension Ultra processing date to the last day of the calendar year before accessing the Form 1099 Generator. For example, to print 2021 1099 forms, set the current processing date for CertiflexDimension Ultra

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