When was your last data clean-up?

Optimize your speed and efficiency with our CertiflexDimension Spring Cleaning service.

It’s a common fact of business: the more successful you are, the more time you devote to your customers and the less time you have for your own business needs. This kind of success can lead to skipping routine maintenance, leading to accumulation of data files and records. CertiflexDimension contains a lot of supervisor level file maintenance utilities specifically designed to allow you to do some of your own data file optimization for detailed transactional history.

However, if your success has delayed thorough annual maintenance on your inactive accounts, or your definition of ‘several years’ is somewhere north of eight, it is time for some Spring Cleaning.

Most of our CertiflexDimension clients report on average 50-70% of the customers/vendors in their database have had no activity in the last 7 years.

These outdated and bulky files reduce efficiency:

  • By shrinking your files sizes, they will have a smaller footprint on your hard drive, decreasing the likelihood of landing on lost clusters or being on a bad sector on the hard drive.
  • Reduced records = quicker access. With fewer records to wade through, the optimized files open, insert, delete, and close faster. Though they may be set to in-active, the system still has to wade through lists of thousands of records to get to the handful that it needs.
  • Redundant listings or similar client listings (i.e.  Joe Doe vs. Johnny Doe) increase the risk of data corruption and data entry errors.
  • Searches, reports, reviews, updates, and backup take much longer, sometimes compelling companies to consider newer hardware, while all they need is a good clean-up.

Schedule your CertiFlex-system tune-up and data-optimization starting at 4 hrs. per company today! For most companies, the reduction is data sizes and number can be as much as 70%.

Speed up your processing, report printing, search, and backup times plus reduce the likelihood of data corruption and data entry errors by compressing and purging redundant data. When it comes to data control, quality does not cost, it pays.


What will you be getting rid of?
We compress your history files and delete redundant and old files, leaving only the desired number of years. We suggest keeping it for 4-6 yrs. (7 years for payroll)

What about if I needed to review some of my old history or print historical reports?
We create a new company or data location, leaving your old company for review and report printing of historical data should you ever need to go back further than the 5-6yrs.

Will this interrupt my business?
Not really, we schedule the backup after hours on Friday or Saturday and have the data back to you Sunday evening or early Monday morning.

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