In December of last year, we successfully rolled out a major Certiflex update. To date, we have had only one issue related to that release, and it has to do with Webroot Anti-Virus. Because of the number of files Certiflex creates, reads/writes, and deletes while it is working, Webroot was having trouble keeping up with the new, faster Certiflex, creating all sorts of file I/O errors, and on occasion crashing Windows while making it appear like the crash was caused by Certiflex.

If you use Webroot as your Anti-virus and your Certiflex starts to give you file related errors (especially if it was working fine the day before), we suggest you try running Certiflex with Webroot turned off to determine if that might be the problem. If Certiflex runs fine with Webroot turned off but crashes when you turn Webroot back on, then the solution is to uninstall Webroot, then re-install it. This prevents Webroot from having to inspect every file that Certiflex creates. In all the cases we have encountered so far, that has worked. However, if that does not work in your case, please call our technical support department at (800)-237-8435.