Customized Software Molded to Meet the Needs of Your Business

CertiflexDimension Ultra consists of flexible, mid-range, back-office accounting application modules. Each of these modules is designed to handle a wide range of tasks associated with running a successful business in today’s ever-changing environment. If your company was identical to other businesses, any accounting software system would work as well for you as it would for your business challengers. In the real world, your business is unique, and you should be using a solution molded for your needs.

CertiflexDimension Ultra products are ‘customized’ directly from the software publisher–not by a third-party add-on data access ‘tool kit’ or external report writer. More often than not, these ‘tool kits’ are the only alternative available to back-office accounting software. Standard CertiflexDimension Ultra application modules already include an extensive array of import and export utilities to solve many common integration needs.

When we talk ‘custom’, we are talking about saving you time, money and resources by directly making changes to the actual software code to fit your precise needs. We have been providing ‘custom’ software services to Certiflex Software LLC products since 1992. Our ‘custom’ service has long been proven to be correct, on-time and on-budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What is the average size of a custom project?
A:  The minimum project is 1 hour. Our largest project to date has been 24 weeks. The average is from 4 to 6 hours.

Q:  What are your custom programming rates and are there ever any additional software expenses?
A:  Our custom programming rates are between $225 and $275 per hour depending on the project size. For larger projects, an additional setup fee of $375.00 will be added. Any required third-party libraries or other programming tools purchased specifically for your project will be billed separately.

Q:  How do I know how much a custom project is going to cost me?
A:  All custom projects will include an estimate based on hours. On most small or mid-sized jobs, this estimate is provided by a technician at no cost. For more complex or larger projects, a software engineer will be assigned to create a feasibility survey including a detailed hour’s estimate for you. Feasibility surveys are billed up front at $200 per hour with a 4 hour minimum ($800). At the end of the survey, unused time is refunded to you or credited to the actual custom programming project.

Q:  Is there an agreement or contract for custom projects that must be signed before beginning?
A:  Yes. There is a short 1-page ‘Custom Service Agreement’ for small jobs and a more formal multi-page ‘Custom Service Contract’ for mid-size and large jobs. These document sets will always include total estimated hours and rates. A detailed section describing the ‘Custom Software Specifications’ will also be included.

Q:  How long will it take to get my custom software?
A:  There is almost always a backlog in our Custom Service Department. In most cases, small to medium size jobs are completed in 20 – 30 days from when they are scheduled. Larger jobs are normally completed in 60 – 90 days.

Q: If I need technical support on a custom application, do I have to pay extra?
A: Our support technicians have direct access to all custom applications, documentation and original specifications and are able to provide support services to custom applications. In the very rare event you would need direct support from a software engineer; our regular engineering consultation rate is $275 per hour.

Q:  Will I still be able to install normal software updates if I have some custom applications.
A:  Yes. Custom applications are integrated into the standard CertiflexDimension software in a manner specifically designed to minimize conflict with traditional updates. For example, custom reports do not restrict access to new standard reports or new report features added through annual software updates. Custom payroll changes are implemented in a manner as to not conflict with tax table updates. Annual software updates in direct conflict with custom applications can be merged together and billed at our regular Custom programming rates.

White Papers and Examples of Custom Projects

While we do custom reports for clients that do not wish to create their own, we also do a lot of direct front-end integration designed to minimize or totally eliminate middleware applications. Here are some of the unique custom applications recently created to enhance and streamline our clients’ back-office processes:

Regional Restaurant Chain – General Ledger
Added weekly budgets with comparative year capabilities to the financial reporting system.

Southern Commercial Printer – Purchase Order, Inventory, Sales Order
Designed and wrote a workflow and scheduling system.

Southwestern Steel Company – Inventory and Sales Order
Added bulk unit count tracking to enhance existing item weight tracking.

Midwestern Distributor – Inventory and Sales Order
Added pallet tracking and enhanced carton labeling systems.

Southeastern Industrial Manufacturer and Distributor – Inventory, Accounts Receivable, Sales Order
Implemented a complete equipment tracking system for manufacturing, repair, rental, leasing and distribution sales.

Central Transportation Distributor – Account Receivable
Engineered and added branch processing for payments and collections system.

Southeastern Manufacturing – Inventory, Accounts Receivable, Sales Order
Integrated an advanced pickup and swell allowances system with EDI middleware processing.

Northeastern Utility Company – Accounts Receivable
Added group export PDF customer statements for web processing.

Southwestern Manufacturer – Inventory, Accounts Receivable
Added a complete customer/item matrix – sales and quantity forecasting system.

Southern International Distributor – Purchase Order, Inventory, Sales Order, Accounts Receivable
Modified the standard software to include advanced order processing and tracking systems.

Southern Construction Company – Purchase Order, Accounts Payable and Receivables
Designed, wrote, and implemented a projected project billing system.

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