Maximize your most important investment with Disk Maintenance

A Disk Maintenance contract is essential to taking full advantage of all that your CertiflexDimension Ultra software has to offer.

Disk Maintenance gives you unlimited access to the services your business requires: from unique technical assistance, to product expansion.  It also provides the resources you’ll need to meet – and exceed – your specific business goals.

The following services come standard with every Disk Maintenance contract:

  • Automatic software updates – Received via periodic CD distribution or immediate downloads, updates include all required software amendments and discretionary program enhancements to guarantee that your accounting software is up to date and running at peak efficiency.*
  • Technical support incidents – To maximize your software investments, support incidents can be used at your discretion should the need arise.
  • Additional support site service – Simply log on to our support site to access program updates, data file transfers and LiveChat online support sessions.
  • Deep discount eligibility – All Disk Maintenance customers qualify for deep discounts on additional technical services and annual maintenance renewal contracts.
  • Priority service – Free Media Replacement.
  • Expansion purchase qualification – As your business grows and your needs evolve, product expansion services are available.
  • Secure access to the online Knowledgebase – Password-protected access to our online database allows you to quickly search for informative articles, easy solutions and general tutorials.
  • Free Subscription to Certiflex Views – Our company newsletter keeps you informed on new product announcements, improvements and tips – as well as other important information regarding your software investment.
  • Exclusive access to our integrated online service platform – Our online complete service center delivers a host of useful information and supplemental accounting tools – direct to your desktop. The platform includes: 1)An extensive collection of business and financial calculators, 2)Presentation-quality graphs to display and analyze key performance measures, 3)Real-time snapshots of comparative financial results, 4)Direct desktop delivery of automatic alerts and news.

With all that Disk Maintenance has to offer, the returns on your annual fee investment will include all the benefits of outstanding service – and all the success of a business that runs better than ever. To learn more about Disk Maintenance call us today at 1-800-237-8435.