CertiflexDimension Ultra Client Write-up


There are major distinctions between General Ledger software designed for business use and Client Write-up software designed for accounting professionals. General Ledgers are intended to record transactions in a preset and balanced environment. Date sensitivity and timing restrictions are commonly encountered in a business ledger because they are actively engaged with a current, real-time business process.

Client Write-up software is structured exclusively for use by accounting professionals working in the background on a diverse array of clients. This unique environment requires a flexible, efficient software solution.

Performing after-the-fact services with a general business ledger tool is like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. Given the time, energy and maybe even a big hammer, you can eventually make it happen. However, the intelligent solution is to work smarter, not harder by selecting the very best tool for task at hand – CertiflexDimension Ultra Client Write-up.

Detailed brochure of features

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