CertiflexDimension Ultra Quickbooks® Data Importer


Clients using QuickBooks® are a major revenue source for today’s savvy write-up service provider. Let CertiflexDimension Ultra QB Interface be the ideal bridge between your clients’ bookkeeping system and your professional write-up service.

The flexible and intuitive QB Importer module is the perfect electronic “shoebox” to seamlessly transform your clients’ QuickBooks® data into CertiflexDimension Ultra batch transactions. Never have to manually enter detailed client data again. But always have the power and convenience of easy-to- append, easy-to-edit and easy-to-adjust after-the-fact transactions. Reclassifying, or literally fixing, client account distributions has never been simpler.

Want to print plain-paper tax reports such as W2s or W3s for clients using QuickBooks® Payroll? It really is as simple and easy as click, click. Add the CertiflexDimension Ultra QB Importer module to your professional accounting toolbox today.

Detailed brochure of features

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