Btrieve Errors

Common Btrieve status codes

Accounting software must effectively and expeditiously process tens of thousands of pieces of data every time a transaction is executed. Effective data management is crucial to meeting the power and performance required to retrieve, update, and store this enormous volume of information. To accomplish this task, CertiflexDimension Ultra relies on Btrieve, a proprietary product of Pervasive Software. Pervasive Software is an industry leader in embedded, scalable data management tools for mission-critical applications. Reliability and low maintenance are vital to successful software implementation. These attributes have made Btrieve the foremost data manager in the accounting software market. However, due to the complexity and volume of information, errors can occur. It is of utmost importance to be able to determine the cause of these infrequent errors quickly and accurately. The following Btrieve status codes will assist in determining the cause and solution to the most received Btrieve errors.

Btrieve status code 2

Description:  A data file or an index file is corrupted. The error occurs when reading or writing to the disk.
Common Cause: Faulty hardware, power interruption or Operating System malfunction.
Corrective Action: Contact Technical Services at (800) 237-8435 for assistance in attempting to recover the affected file. In some cases, a complete system restore may be necessary.


Btrieve status code 20

Description: unable to open CertiflexDimension Ultra user list.

Corrective Action: Please try right-clicking on the CertiflexDimension Ultra icon then select run as administrator. This should solve status 20, if not, please contact support at (800)-237-8435 for additional solutions.


Btrieve status code 46

Description: Access to the requested file is denied.
Common Cause: A ‘write’ operation was attempted on a file flagged as ‘read only’ by the Operating System, or conflicting versions of Pervasive SQL are installed on workstations.
Corrective Action: Flag all CertiflexDimension Ultra files as ‘sharable’ and ‘read/write’ or install the most current version of Pervasive on the server and all workstations.

Btrieve status code 54

Description: The variable-length portion of a record is corrupt. Usually indicates an unrecoverable file.
Common Cause: Faulty hardware corrupting the disk, power interruptions or Operating System malfunction.
Corrective Action: Contact Technical Services at (800) 237-8435 for assistance in attempting to recover the affected file. Typically requires a complete system restore.

Btrieve status code 81

Description: The file being accessed is ‘locked’.
Common Cause: An Operating System error terminated CertiflexDimension Ultra without releasing all files.
Corrective Action: Reboot the affected workstation. If this does not correct the problem, have the network administrator reboot the server.

The above listed status codes are the most common codes received when using CertiflexDimension Ultra. If you receive status codes not listed, please call Technical Services at (800) 237-8435 for assistance.


Btrieve status code 94

Description: The official definition of the Status 94 is “Permission Denied.” Btrieve error 94 usually indicates a problem with file rights.

Common Cause: This was originally designed to indicate that the user tried to access a data file to which he or she does not have proper access. However, problems in obtaining the proper network name and password from Windows workstations has increased the causes of the Status 94 message to a point where it can become annoying.

Corrective Action: To troubleshoot this problem, determine whether the user or program attempting to access the Btrieve data has the required rights for the database files being used. If not, verify that the user has the relevant directory or file rights.