Known Issue: View Current User Activity

Q:  When I view current user activity in CertiflexDimension Ultra (>File>Supervisor Options> View Current User Activity), it shows that one of the users is logged in.  However, even after shutting down that user’s computer it still shows them as logged in.  Will this affect my backup or lock out other users?  And how can I log them off?

A:  Per customer requests, we added a utility in CertiflexDimension Ultra to show which users were logged into the CertiflexDimension Ultra program and which sessions they had open.

This feature was added as a quick and convenient way for CertiflexDimension Ultra users with Supervisor level access to identify which workstations were logged into the software, bypassing the need for network administrator assistance.  The way the utility works is that it creates a plain text file for each user and writes in that file each menu option a user opens. When the user logs out of CertiflexDimension Ultra, the system should simply delete this file and a new one would be created the next time the user logs in. If for some reason this Current User Activity file already exists, the system should overwrite it.

In cases where the program is terminated incorrectly or experiences a forced shut-down, whether due to power outage, network interruption, or the system going into a hibernation mode, the utility does not get a chance to delete the Current User Activity file.  This means that when the utility makes a query, it reads this file and reports the user as logged in and might result in an inaccurate display of current user activity (i.e. users who are logged out shown as being logged in).

However, this does not mean that other data files are open or could interfere with your backup in any way.  To determine which files are open, your system administrator should be able to determine this through the network’s Windows console or by reviewing the Pervasive monitor for those users that run Pervasive.