Profit & Loss Does Not Match Balance Sheet

Q:  Why does the net income on my P&L statement not match the amount on my balance sheet?

A:  Having your first Income-Statement (I/S) line number set incorrectly could cause this.  To verify your first I/S line number:

  • Print a Chart of Accounts report.
  • Locate the first income account.
  • Make note of this account’s line number, which is listed in the F/S number column.

To set the first  I/S line number in  CertiflexDimension Ultra, go to >File>Company Maintenance>Master Data Properties>General Ledger or CW.  Locate the First I/S Line No. field.  If this does not match the F/S number associated with your first income account, set the correct number, click >OK, and then click >Close.


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