Pervasive/Btrieve Database (KB1009)


Btrieve files and database drivers are published by Pervasive Software Inc. ( Btrieve, Pervasive and Pervasive.SQL are registered trademarks of Pervasive Software, Inc.
Btrieve Database Files
CertiflexDimension Ultra uses Btrieve database almost exclusively. Btrieve is a fast, efficient data file designed to handle a large volume of data. One of the primary reasons many software developers choose to deploy Btrieve files is their ability to repair themselves when unexpected events occur. Btrieve files are not indestructible, but reliability and performance make them a common solution for accounting software publishers.
Note: CertiflexDimension Ultra uses Btrieve v6.x database files. Btrieve v6.x and v7.x files are structurally similar. Btrieve v6.x files are limited to 2 gigabytes. Btrieve v7.x files are limited to 4 gigabytes.
Mixing Software Using Btrieve Database Files
If you have other transaction processing software, chances are it uses Btrieve database files. Although CertiflexDimension Ultra database file requirements are minimal, other software may have higher configuration requirements. All Windows applications using Pervasive drivers on a single workstation use the same configuration set. If you have multiple software products using Btrieve database files, the most current version of Pervasive usually works best. For example, Product 1 requires Pervasive 5.x Driver and Engine. Product 2 requires Pervasive 2000i Driver and Engine and CertiflexDimension Ultra requires Pervasive 6.15 Driver and Engine, Pervasive 2000i required for Product 2 will be used for all three products.
For more detailed information on Pervasive Drivers and Engines, see the related CertiflexDimension Knowledge Base article on Pervasive® Database Drivers/Engines.