Adding Pay, Pay To, and Date To Blank Check

Q: When printing checks, fields title Pay, Pay to The Order Of, and Date does not print on my blank checks.
A: By default, CertiflexDimension uses MICR checks purchased through our third-party vendor which has these fields pre-printed on them.  However, if you wish to purchase your own blank checks and choose what prints on them, please follow directions below.
Changing INI File ChkMicr.Frm
In the CertiFLX directory you will browse ADVXCsysTranWin folders and open a file called ChkMicr.Frm.  If you go towards the bottom – look for the line that says &&[Text].  If you remove the two &&, so that it just says [Text] and save the file, this section should become active and print the most commonly missing words that appear on completely blank check stock.