Moving (migrating) CertiFlexDimension Ultra to a new Server with pervasive

Q:  How do we move our CertiflexDimension Ultra Program to a new server with Pervasive database?

A:  To move your CertiflexDimension Ultra program to a new server do the following:

  1. From the older server, go to the Pervasive license key administrator and copy the key
  2. Install Pervasive on the new server (always install the 32-bit version even on Windows 64-bit, it has less compatibility issues)
  3. Create a share folder on the new server, keeping the name simple, and short i.e.  ACCTCFLX. (Best practice.)
  4. Give all the users read/write access to the share folder.
  5. Copy the CertiFLX folder from the old server to the new share folder.
  6. From each workstation, browse the server to the  \\yourserver\CertiFLX\ADVX\CUser\ folder and run wksetup.exe as administrator and follow the wizard. (You should never check the option to install Btrieve.)
  7. On the old server deauthorize the license and authorize on the new server.