Payroll : Year-end Closing Procedures

The Old Year – Old-Year (Example – 2021)

The New Year – New-Year (Example – 2022)

The following procedure is used for payroll regardless of fiscal year-end. To begin a year-end close, change the system date to December 31, Old-Year. To perform a close in CertiflexDimension Ultra from the system manager, click >File>Start New Period Files or press F3.

New year files must be created before employee checks can be printed or posted for New-Year. If you wish to delete inactive employees, you may do so during this process. Starting new year files creates a new set of payroll files. Files for the New-Year are ready for future processing. Files for Old-Year retain all the old year’s data. You can print any tax report or tax form (i.e. W2, W3, 940EZ, 941, etc.) for Old-Year by changing the system date to Old-Year.


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