Applying A Discount To An Invoice In A/R After The Fact

Q: I forgot to apply a discount on an invoice when I applied the check payment. How do I remove the outstanding amount on that invoice?

A: To apply the discount after the fact go to >Transactions >Accounts receivable >Apply Payments and select the customer in question [1] and press >Start [2]. Next select the Payment type (e.g. 7-Check) [3], and enter the reference No [4]. For the Payment Amount [5] press ENTER to leave it as 0 (zero). In the Description field [6] enter a relevant description and press ENTER. This will take you to the Payment field [7]. Press ENTER twice. Next, go to Options located at the top menu [8] and select Special Sales Code Amounts [9]. In the following window, enter 5 in the Type field [10] for “Early Payment Discount”. Pressing [F2] will put the discount amount in the Amount field [11]. Alternatively, you can manually enter the amount. Finally, press Save [12] then Save again [13].

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