Write off Finance Charges

Q: We would like to write off a finance charge for a customer while applying payments. How would we go about doing this?

A: When applying a payment for a customer in CertiflexDimension Ultra, you will need to utilize Special Sales Codes.
For example, the customer has an invoice totaling $101.25, with a finance charge of $1.25 included. The customer sends in their payment of $100, and you decide to waive their finance charge of $1.25.

In CertiflexDimension Ultra, you will first need to go to >Apply Payments. Select the customer and click >Start. Input the check number and check amount, and put in the $100.00 to go towards the invoice. Once you have entered the check and applied it to the invoice, select Options at the top of the window, then select >Special Sales Code Amounts. When the window appears, select >Type 2 for Finance Charge, and input the amount as a positive amount. Then click >Save. Input the $1.25 as a positive amount for the finance charge and click again to close the Special Sales Code Amounts window. Now when you post your entry, the invoice will show as paid, and the finance charge for $1.25 will be written off for the client.