Btrieve v12 Client/Server vs Btrieve v6 and why you should upgrade


Q: Should I upgrade From Btrieve v6 to Btrieve V12 Client/Server?

A: CertiflexDimension Ultra comes bundled with a free Btrieve v6 workstation engine. This engine is designed for a single workstation but can share files in a multi-user environment, where transaction processing is low with no more than 3 users accessing the data concurrently.

On networks with more than two users, we recommend purchasing an Actian Pervasive SQL or Btrieve v12 Client/Server database engine. These Client/Server database engines run the Micro-Kernel Database Engine on the server, and the workstations act as clients making files or records request to the server. Running as a service on the server, the database engine acts as a traffic cop at an intersection, speeding up the flow of traffic and avoiding collisions.

Recommended Pervasive Database Engines.

  •  On networks with 2- 5 users we recommend running the Btrieve v12 client/server engine or the Pervasive workgroups edition.
  • On networks with more than 5 users, we recommend the full Pervasive SQL Client/Server database engine.
  • For remote processing, you must use one of the above engines depending on the number of users

Although it’s an additional cost, in the long run, the one-time cost of purchasing and installing a client/server database engine far outweighs the real possibility of data corruption, sluggish performance or even complete data loss.

NB: The bundled Btrieve v6 is not supported for remote desktop processing, and may result in data corruption or loss.

Please refer to the CertiflexDimension KnowledgeBase Article Network Software and Hardware Requirements for the minimum recommended hardware configuration.