Running Certiflex On The Cloud

Q: Can Certiflex run on the cloud?

A: Currently, there is no version of Certiflex specifically designed to run on the cloud. However, we have had cases of people running their normal Certiflex on the cloud. Because everything Certiflex needs to run is contained in a single folder, installing, and running it on a cloud-based server or virtual PC should be no different from installing it on actual hardware in your premises. There are two things to bear in mind. (1) You must be able to install the Pervasive or Btrieve database engine that Certiflex needs to manage its files on your cloud. (2) Certiflex opens and closes a lot of files when operating. On your Windows PC or Server, Certiflex manages its files without much interference from the Operating System. On the cloud, all I/O requests go through the cloud OS. This could potentially introduce a higher latency in the reading and writing of files than Certiflex expects. If you were to run Certiflex on the cloud and find you are getting numerous read/write errors, that would be the reason, and far from being just a nuisance it could easily lead to data loss, and even damaged files.

As for the hardware specifications, if your cloud platform can replicate the minimum hardware requirements for a Server-based or standalone system (see system requirements for running Certiflex here) then presumably that would work. Of course, it is always a good idea to do better than the minimum requirements for optimal performance.