AR Transactions Summary Recap: Less Special Sales

Q:  The recap on my Accounts Receivable Posted Transactions report’s summary page displays an amount being deducted from my total net sales called LESS SPECIAL SALES.  What is this, and why is it reducing my total net sales?

A:  By default, regular sales codes are set to be included in net sales calculation.  However, you also have the option to exclude regular sales code amounts from net sales.  On the summary page of the Accounts Receivable Posted Transactions report, all sales code amounts not included in net sales are totaled and displayed in the recap as LESS SPECIAL SALES.

To exclude a sales code from net sales calculations, click >Maintain Lists>Accounts Receivable>Sales Code and double-click on the Regular Sales Code you wish to exclude from net sales calculations. Uncheck the box for Include in Net Sales and click >Save.  This sales code will no longer be included as part of your net sales, deducted in the recap as LESS SPECIAL SALES.


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