"Enter As Tab" Print Error

Q:  Sometimes an Order/Invoice/Voucher prints with weird symbols and little boxes in the description field.  What might cause this?

A:  This may happen if you have enabled the Enter Key Works as Tab Key feature in your User Preferences and use multiple spaces to break up separate lines of text in the Sales Order’s description field.

For example, you may need to enter a description of:

“PO # 12345
LOT 4”

With your [Enter] key set to [Tab], if you use a string of spaces to separate the lines of text, typing that description as…

“PO # 12345        LOCATION B          LOT 4”

…Then this may cause the Order/Invoice/Voucher to print with character symbols in the description field.

To avoid this print error and perform an actual [Enter] command with Enter Key as Tab Key enabled, key [Ctrl] + [Enter] at the same time.