Using the ENTER Key As Either a Tab or Enter Key


Q:  Sometimes I have trouble entering description into CertiflexDimension Ultra. When I press ‘Enter‘ to go to the next line of the description, the system goes to the next prompt on the screen and that is not what I wanted. How do I fix this?

A:  CertiflexDimension Ultra supports the use of extremely long descriptions in many fields such as invoice/order line descriptions, contact information and shipping memos. These fields allow you to enter your information in a Windows memo prompt that supports multiple lines and word wrapping.

Here is a little trick you will find useful if entering a memo such as the one below.

Sample Memo


I included all blue widgets we have in stock. Let me know if you get low again and I will see what I can do.

Thanks again for your business – Joe Smith (800)-555-1212, ext. 1012

If after typing ‘Alice’, you press ‘Enter’ to move to the next line, the system will Tab to the next prompt on the screen. This is because the CertiflexDimension Ultra preference was set to override the standard Windows behavior for ‘Enter’. Instead of just pressing ‘Enter’, press Ctrl+ENTER. Windows will briefly override the CertiflexDimension Ultra setting, allowing the ENTER key to revert to its default behavior and move the cursor to the next line. Once you release the CTRL key the  CertiflexDimension Ultra setting will be restored.