Multiple Accounts on A-T-F Vendor.

Q:  We use the A-T-F vendors section of the Client Write-Up software to reclassify checks to specific accounts by vendor.  Is there any way to use the multiple Ledger Accounts per vendor as a list of accounts without activating the departmental allocation percentages?

A:  Yes. While the multiple Ledger Accounts on a vendor are normally used for departmental percentage allocation, there is a way to use the accounts as a list. Simply add the desired Ledger Accounts from which you wish to select to each vendor and set the percentage allocation amounts to zero (leaving all percentage amounts at zero will suppress the departmental allocation feature during data entry). When entering a vendor check, you will be prompted for a Ledger Account. You can press >F6 for a listing of all Ledger Accounts, or press >Alt F6 for a limited listing of Ledger Accounts available for the current vendor only.