EZ-Finder helps you find it. Fast

Searching customer records for a telephone number, address or even an invoice containing a specific dollar amount can waste valuable time. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a faster, easier way to locate that information based on only a bit of data?

There is. EZ-Finder is a handy CertiflexDimension Ultra feature that will search for and identify a customer – even if the related information you have is only part of a number or character string. For example, if you have a partial phone number, click the EZ-Finder icon on the Review Customers screen, key in the number string you have and click >Find It.

EZ-Finder will quickly scan your entire customer list and display all possible matches. You don’t even have to know whether the partial number is a business telephone, fax or cell phone number. EZ-Finder will tell you.


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