Quick Label

Another way to save time by using the power of CertiflexDimension Ultra

Mailing volumes of business correspondence to customers and vendors is best accomplished by interacting your word processor’s mail-merge with CertiflexDimension Ultra.

However, at times you need a single address label or business envelope for only one customer or vendor. You can look up the information in CertiflexDimension Ultra and type the complete address; or you can copy and paste the contact, the name, the address, the city, the state and the zip one field at a time.

Now, there’s a better way. Simply access the needed customer or vendor record from the appropriate Reviews screen and click the Quick Print Label icon, then click >Copy Label. Now you can place your cursor where you want the address to be added in your word processor or label program and press Ctrl V.  The complete address is transferred to your letter or label.


(For larger Image:    right-click-image & open in new tab)