How to View Two PDF Reports Simultaneously


Q:  I am trying to view two reports at the same time in a PDF viewer. The first report shows up when I click F5 from the CertiflexDimension Ultra Report Viewer, but when I press F5 on the second report, I get a message that says, ‘Unable to convert report to PDF format for viewing‘. Is there another way to do this?

A:  Yes! CertiflexDimension Ultra, by default, creates a temporary PDF file named DimensionReport.PDF. After the first report shows up in your PDF viewer, simply select the Save as … option in your viewer and save the first PDF file to a file name other than DimensionReport.PDF and close your viewer. Repeat the process for the next report, only use a name other than the one used for the first report. After both reports have been saved as individual PDF files, your PDF viewer can be used to view both reports simultaneously.