The CertiflexDimension Ultra Service Center

The Service Center brings improved flexibility, control and accuracy to all key operational areas of your business by better organizing daily activities, providing instantaneous up-to-the-minute strategic information and keeping you informed of the progress of major objectives.

Residing and executing from within the main window of CertiflexDimension Ultra, the Service Center extracts customer-focused results from Dimension accounting modules and various web sources and applications. This exclusive array of services is organized into four major elements for your informative review and analysis.

Active Services

Active Services deliver unrivaled power and sophistication to your desktop through an authoritative collection of business calculators, graphs and summary overviews.  The broad and rich functionality of these powerful services coupled with your CertiflexDimension Ultra accounting system will empower you to manage every part of your business more efficiently and effectively.

MyNotes is an all-inclusive note management system fully integrated with CertiflexDimension Ultra applications. MyNotes offers the simplicity of handwritten ‘sticky notes’ united with the power and organizing proficiency of your computer.


MyLinks is an active address book for easy single-click access to needed resources while logged-in to CertiflexDimension Ultra.  Links can be any addressable location to which you have access – perhaps a remote website used to track shipments, a local network server to run a cost analysis program, or your local drive to retrieve your favorite spreadsheet.

In the News

In The News automatically delivers current news bulletins and operational tips relevant to CertiflexDimension Ultra and other accounting information direct to your desktop. News articles are conveniently presorted by type.


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