Speed Up Navigation

Q:  I work with multiple companies in many areas of the program. For people like me, is there any way to speed up the opening of menus (i.e. ‘Record Invoices’)?

A:  When opening a menu such as ‘Record Invoices’, the system must retrieve and open multiple files. This process may cause some delay dependent on your computer or network speed.  Once the files are open, access to the customer list should be almost instantaneous.

To speed up your work, consider minimizing the open windows and launching the next program you wish to access.  CertiflexDimension Ultra will allow you to have as many as ten windows open simultaneously. If you are working in a transaction program, we recommend you complete the transaction before switching windows. In addition, the use of unique company colors will help identify the Company in which you are working.

If you are in a multi-user environment, make sure to use a 10/100 network infrastructure at a minimum. Do not attempt to process transactions on a wireless network.   If you have more than three concurrent users, please refer to our network section to determine if you require Pervasive PSQL.

If you are experiencing severe lag time when accessing certain data listings (i.e. inventory items, vendors, customers, etc.), please call our Support Department at 1-800-237-8435.