Update Bank Reconciliation from A/R

Q:  After applying Accounts Receivable payments and posting to ledger, I then have to import those deposits into Bank Reconciliation from the ledger.  Is there a quicker way to do this?

A:  Yes, the Accounts Receivable Apply Payments function can directly update those deposits to the Bank Reconciliation program, if you are not using the Deposit System.

Click >Transactions >Accounts Receivable >Apply Payments.  Click on the Session button and you will see a list of your bank accounts.  Check the box to update the bank account at the end of the session.  Then choose the bank account you wish to update.  Click >Ok and apply payments.

When you close the Apply Payments session, the corresponding deposits will then update to the Bank Reconciliation program with a description of Direct AR Deposit.  The deposit number is automatically assigned by finding the last deposit number in your bank account and incrementing by one.


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