Changing Body of Email Confirmation

Q: How can I change the body of the email when sending order confirmations via email?

A: To change the body of the email for order confirmations, invoices, sales orders etc. you will need to modify a CertiflexDimension Ultra template file called ECFRM.TXT file. This file is in the …\ADVX\XConnect\ folder.

First you must make a copy of the file and save it under the same name preceded by the Company ID. For example, to modify the file for a company with the ID 00

Copy …\ADVX\XConnect\ECFRM.TXT  and save as …\ADVX\XConnect\00-ECFRM.TXT

Next, open the file in notepad and change the information displayed for the body of the e-mail. Save it when you are done.

If you need any assistance with this file, please contact support at 1-800-237-8435


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