One-time Payroll Head Tax

Q:  How would I add a one-time, right-to-work state tax for all of my Payroll employees?

A:  CertiflexDimension Ultra allows you to create one-time deduction codes for just this type of situation.  Click >Maintain Lists >Payroll >Deduction Codes.  To create a yearly deduction code, click the >New  button.

Define the Description, Abbreviation, G/L Account, and W2 Code to be associated with the deduction code.  For Code Style, select Annual (Once a Year) from the dropdown list.  >Save the deduction code.

To add the deduction code to an employee, click >Maintain Lists >Payroll >Employees.  Under the Pay Data & History tab, click the >1 Earning/Deduction/Special Tax Codes button.  Under the Deduction Code tab, click the >Add Code button and a window will appear, displaying any available deduction codes.  Click and highlight the code you want to add, then click >Ok.  A Pay Data Control window will then appear, allowing you to enter the Fixed Amount Each Year.  Once you have defined the yearly amount, click >Ok, >Close, and >Save.

The defined annual amount will first be deducted from the employee’s next check, so you may want to add the code just prior to cutting the employee’s first check of the year or remove the deduction amount when you’re entering pay data.  Subsequent annual deductions will be made on the employee’s first check of each new calendar year.