Speeding Up Batch Entries With Smart Learn

Q:  Is it true that I can increase my keystroke entry in the batch by up to 25%?

A:  Yes, by using the Smart Learn system.
Smart Learn makes note of your data entry style and fills in applicable fields accordingly.  It will compile transaction descriptions, assign accounts based on the type of transaction description, and even assign amounts based on the type of transaction description and account used.
How exactly does it work? Let’s say you have a client who frequently transfers funds from one bank to another.  You’re probably wasting precious keystrokes by manually entering the description and assigning the particular account every single time.  After the first couple of times, Smart Learn will automatically complete the description for you.  If you keep using the same account numbers for the transfer, it will auto-assign these, too. Smart Learn is an excellent tool that will help you reduce keystrokes, record batches faster, and increase productivity and efficiency.
To activate Smart Learn, go to >Record Batch Transactions, click on >Preferences, check to Activate Smart Learn, and click >Save.