Options for Importing Inventory Detail

Q:  We have departments that process or track inventory transactions outside of the CertiflexDimension Ultra program.  Is there a way to update my existing CertiflexDimension Ultra inventory information to reflect changes recorded in spreadsheets or 3rd party software?

A:  The CertiflexDimension Ultra Inventory system offers a variety of ASCII compatible import features that allow you to update cost, quantity, price, and physical count.

  • Maintain Lists >Inventory>Inventory Items >Additional Options >Advanced>Edit Cost/Qty

If you have several items to update, you can import the information using this feature. The import file must be an ASCII, tab-delimited file for the import to work properly. The fields in this file are Item Number, Location, and Quantity or Cost. You can select either Quantity or Cost to import, but not at the same time.

  • Maintain Lists >Inventory>Price Levels >Import Prices from ASCII

This option allows you to import price information from an ASCII file. The ASCII file should contain the stock number, price level, and sales price information and should follow the exact same format that the system uses when exporting prices to ASCII. If you are not aware of that format, choose the option to export, edit the exported ASCII file, and update the file with the new prices.

  • Maintain Lists >Inventory>Physical Inventory>Update Physical Counts >Import Ascii

If you defined the physical counts to a pre-defined ASCII file, you can import those counts instead of manually entering them. The file to import must conform to pre-defined specifications. You can review an example of these specifications in a text file named IN-PHY.RTF. This file is located in the …\CertiFLX\ADVX\Xconnect folder.